Level 4: Horse Training Assistant

A Level 4 volunteer must be at least 18 years of age and should have attained and maintained Level 3 volunteer status. Level 4 volunteers are expected to have volunteered as a Level 3 volunteer at least once weekly for a full year (including non-sessions times) or weekly for six (6) ten (10) week sessions. These sessions do not have to fall consecutively. The Sunrise staff understands that this request may seem large. However, Horse Training Assistants can greatly affect the training of our horses. Our horses have been specially trained to accept our students with special needs and the continuation of training is meant to keep the horses exercised and their knowledge and acceptance of cues and accidental cues fresh. Please understand that the Sunrise staff needs to have assurance that the volunteer pursuing Level 4 volunteer status is a reliable individual. Volunteers pursuing Level 4 must:

  • Have basic knowledge of the temperaments, health and gates of horses
  • Have basic knowledge of cues to give horses (for walk and halt, trot, canter)
  • Be willing to fulfill the training requests of a Sunrise PATH Instructor even if it goes against what you have been taught elsewhere
  • Be able to attend continuous Level 4 training
  • Be able to take and pass the Level 4 tests for lunging and riding a horse
  • Be able to retake the tests for lunging and riding a horse yearly