Loved the people, the horses and I always left each time happier than I could imagine! What a wonderful place. - P. Bostick  

"I have been fortunate to actually see how much we help these kids who participate. 2 of which have had amazing improvements." C. Stinson  

It is very humbling to see the horses connect to the students. I’ve always LOVED horses and known they were majestic creatures, but they are even more magnificent than you can believe. To watch the students progress and connect with these beauties is truly a gift! – S. Bone 

"Sunrise has been a blessing for our family! My daughter has been volunteering for close to 2 years now and she loves it! The staff are knowledgeable and friendly! " - J. Imhoff


“Best place to find what has been lost, like FREEDOM.” – A. Ashworth 

"This is such a neat place!!! My niece gets lessons here and she loves it!!! The women working here have a lot of knowledge about what they do. You can tell they love their horses!" T. K.


“It is obvious you are doing amazing work and improving the lives of others.” -M.J.

                                                                                           “Amazing organization!” M. Cavanaugh 

"They let me bring my 2 year old daughter out that is obsessed with horses to meet them for the first time in person it was the best thing ever. She absolutely loved it." M. Shelby