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A recent article by the College of William and Mary in Virginia talks about how the Therapeutic riding can assist children with autism in the classroom. Autism is the most common of the disabilities that Sunrise serves.

One parent of a student quoted: “My daughter’s progress has been remarkable, in my eyes, surpassing my wildest expectations.” Another parent said “The only regret I have is that I didn’t enroll my son sooner.”

As an instructor I have watched the slow transitions as well as the fast ones. One day I had a rider come out that was shy, hid behind his mother most of the time and I worked on getting him to come out of his shell, every time he comes out now he gives me a hug with a big thank you. I have watched another rider who took much longer to get out of his shell where he was afraid of riding he needed a leader and side-walkers when he started off, as the lessons progressed he started sitting up taller focusing on what he was doing better. I have seen screaming students turn into confident proud riders, I have seen riders that would cry at things they couldn’t control become more accepting to trying something new and learning that mistakes happen and they can work to fix them or move on from them.

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