Annalie is a beautiful Haflinger mare. She has been there, done that and definitely owns that t-shirt. Despite being completely blind she will let kids climb all over her and loves to go, go go go! 


Arwenna is a Section B Welsh Cob mare. She is the diva of the barn and thinks that every person should cater to her every whim. Arwenna is part of the Welcome Committee for new herd members. She’s the first to make friends with the other horses.   


Army is one cool dude. He is a good boy and he knows it. From being a perfect gentleman in lessons to demanding attention with his prance in parades he knows how to get the job done. Army is a draft cross. He is personable, gentle and handsome.


Baby Doll (aka Dolly) is our go-to-girl. Often new riders are paired up with Dolly for their first ride. She tries really hard to please and doesn’t mind the treats that come with her good behavior. She’s the herd babysitter and likes to know where every horse is at all times. She’s our only Pinto. 


Buddy is one of our newest members, sort of. Buddy was with the program a few years ago and he was invited back to help us fit the needs of something pony sized. This boy is a character. He adores his food. He tries to be a polite character and is often the first in the field to investigate. Buddy is a Haflinger. 


Lucky is a 2022 addition! She’s been a great addition to the program. She is a gaited mare and offers a different experience to students. Her steady gentle nature is an asset and we hope that she can provide lessons to those who need a narrow quiet horse. 


Micah is our youngest member. Still a baby she needs a lot of convincing but is coming along great. We hope to use her in our Outreach Program but for now she makes appearances in parades and events. 

Rocky The Rockstar 

Rocky is fast becoming the face of Sunrise, Inc. He is so easy going and loves his job. We’ve done a lot of Outreach with this boy and he never bats an eye. Rocky takes everything in stride. We love this little guy! Rocky is a Miniature Horse.


Rosie is Dolly’s bff. She’s, also, our muscle. Everyone who sees her mentions her muscular build. She’s actually a registered Appaloosa but her spots went missing. Rosie tries hard to be a good lesson horse. She’s super smart. 


Santana is a Gypsy Vanner/Haflinger cross mare. Her dam (mother) is Annalie. She is six years old. This pretty mare loves people and attention. She’s ready to give all the lessons if it means some scratches and treats. She’s personable and I’m sure is going to have her own fan club in no time! 


Sebastian is one of our newest herd members and he is FANCY. This boy is a character. He likes to make people laugh. Sebastian prefers scratches and will reward a good scratch with a funny face. He is doing well in lessons and we are grateful to have him. Sebastian is an Arabian.


Sunrise is looking to lease a couple horses to add to our herd. The horses must be easy going, well broke and okay with a lot of activity, side-walkers and beginners. They must be no to low maintenance. 

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