Our Horses

Our Horses

Our horses are the most important part of any therapeutic horseback riding or horsemanship lesson. All of our horses are carefully selected and trained to be calm, patient teachers that are safe for students of all ages and experience levels to ride or interact with.



Arwenna is a 2004 Bay Welsh Cob- Section D Mare. Arwenna is full of personality. She is ridden by more of the intermediate riders but her guilty pleasure is eating peppermint treats.




Army is a draft cross gelding that used to be a mounted police horse. He is a BIG laid back dude who has been there done that and bought the halter.

Baby Doll



Baby Doll was purchased for the program and has not disappointed. She is a very steady easygoing horse and takes her job seriously. This mare is an angel! We look forward to watching her progress as a therapy horse.



Delight came to Sunrise in the Spring of 2018 to fulfill a special opportunity for one of our riders. She has adjusted very well to life at Sunrise and is learning her role as a therapy horse. Delight is curious, kind, loves people, and full of energy!


Micah is a 2021 addition to the program. She is a Mini/Pony filly that we are training as part of our Outreach program. She’s a sweet little girl who is ready for lots of attention!


Rocky is a new edition! Rocky has spent the spring gaining weight and learning how to be the bestest boy. He is ready for his new job and we are hoping he will be a huge asset to the Outreach program!


Rosie is a great therapy horse! Her super sweet, personable attitude makes her ideal for the job. She was purchased for the program with Baby Doll and both have progressed together amazingly well.


Sebastian came to us in June and is ready to be a part of the program. With his history and personality we are hoping to use him for a lot of different aspects within the program.


Trojan is a beautiful grey Percheron cross gelding.  He is currently in training to hopefully become an asset to the program. For now he is enjoying hanging with the herd and a few training sessions.