Sunrise, Inc.

Job Description: Barn/Equine Manager


The Barn/Equine Manager (BE-M) is responsible for the care and feeding of the horses and the safe and healthy condition of their living areas, with input from the Head Instructor (HI), Executive Director (ED) and applicable Board Committee(s).  The Executive Director is the immediate supervisor of this position.  The BE-M is responsible for the following:

Feeding and caring of the horses

   Expectations: The BE-M will:

  • Feed or arrange for the feeding and care of the horses twice a day, early enough in the morning to ensure that horses will be done eating before their earliest scheduled work and in the evening when necessary, including but not limited to;

    • Provide fresh, clean water for any horses confined to the stable as needed;

    • Ensure that horses have sufficient water in the pasture and clean tanks as needed;

    • Feed according to the schedule of instructions for each horse;

    • Provide adequate forage options

    • Ensure horses have proper minerals and salt available at all times;

    • Schedule barn staff/volunteers and update the schedule whenever changes are made;

    • Coordinate with staff and volunteers to ensure all shifts are covered; 

    • Report observations indicating need for change of feed or supplements to HI or ED; 

    • Identify and discard hay that is moldy, excessively dusty or containing noxious weeds;

    • Facilitate purchase of necessary hay and unloading of hay once purchased; 

    • Dealing with horse health issues.


   Expectations: The BE-M will:

  • Note and report any signs of illness or injury;

  • Provide daily or periodic treatment of illness or injury as directed;

  • Put on and take off blankets, sheets, fly masks or other equipment as directed;

  • Collect fecal samples and provide periodic worming as necessary; 

  • Schedule farrier, dentist and veterinarian in conjunction with Head Instructor and Executive director 

  • Facilitate farrier, dentist, body worker and veterinarian or arrange for facilitation of their services;

  • Maintain veterinarian and farrier log in training book; 

  • Maintain proper training schedule;

  • Assign horses to staff or volunteers for grooming and exercising purposes; 

  • During grooming days assess tack fit for those who require it and update tack charts in conjunction with HI. 

  • During grooming days update horses weight, injuries and issues; 

  • Assist in grooming days; 

  • Ensure that the provided training log is being kept up to date by said staff and volunteers; 


Maintaining a clean environment.

   Expectations: The HG will:

  • Clean stalls, run-ins and stall area daily;

  • Clean arena as necessary; 

  • Clean feed buckets or dishes thoroughly after each use;\

  • Sweep out aisleways, stalls, feed-room and classroom as necessary; 

  • Wash/wipe down above the floor area as needed;

  • Keep trash picked up and items in their proper places;

  • Empty trash cans as needed;

  • Clean out feed bins thoroughly; 

  • Drag field, at minimum, once a month;

  • Drag or water arena as necessary;

  • Maintain fence line; 

  • Facilitate repairs of fence if necessary

  • Maintain electric fence; 

  • Note any trees or debris that have fallen to HI and ED; 


Managing supplies.

   Expectations: The HG will:

  • Transport hay from storage barn to stable, keeping a sufficient supply for the next feeding plus any days off;

  • Track the amount of hay used;

  • Notify the HI for ordering/picking up feed or supplements when supply is down to one week’s worth;

  • Assist in picking up feed, hay pellets, hay or supplies when necessary;

  • Unload feedstuffs and supplements and put in proper storage; 

  • Note missing or broken equipment to ED or HI for replacement.

Other duties.

   Expectations: The HG will:

  • Make emergency repairs to facility and report the need for permanent repairs;

  • Use any spare time to groom horses and pick out feet, focusing on those least or not currently in use;\

  • Develop and use a system of communication to update Barn Staff and vice versa;

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

  • Oversee incident and emergency proceedings and records; 

  • Orienting and training of new hires and barn volunteers; 

  • Convener of barn staff; 

  • Co-facilitating staff meetings; 

  • Managing leases and contracts as necessary in conjunction with HI and ED; \

  • Communicating with horse owners, staff, horse owners, board members and staff; 

  • On call for emergency shift coverage;

  • Assist in other necessary duties to maintain horse and facility care.

Additionally, there will be times when the employee will be asked to assist with therapeutic lessons and fundraising activities.  If the help is required (ie- a volunteer cannot be found to fulfill the duty), this will be considered paid work time.  Position is part time, 20-25 hour.

Most barn management duties require morning availability at least four week days during the week.


Amanda Gray- Head Instructor & Volunteer Coordinator

Dianna Kirksey- Executive Director

Barn Staff 
Michelle Truitt 
Cynthia Davis

Sunrise 2023 Board Membership:

Member renewals: 

Leighanne Hahn – 2023-2025

Kerry George – 2023-2025

Nicole Koehler – 2023-2025

Sarah Stracener – 2023-2025

New Membership: Melissa Walters – 2023-2025

Current Members:

Diane Mincarelli – 2022-2024

Janice Edelman – 2022-2024

David Edelman – 2022-2024

Sue Miller – 2022-2024

Officers for 2023-2024 :

President – Sarah Stracener

Vice President – Melissa Walters

Treasurer – Janice Edelman

Co-Treasurer – Nicole Koehler

Secretary – Sue Miller