Parents & Students please read the following to learn what to expect from your show day: 

Please let us know how many people will be attending the show by signing everyone up on eventbrite. This will allow us to have enough supplies on hand to meet the needs of all of our guests! The link is here (copy and paste it in to a browser): 

Please BRING YOUR OWN CHAIRS! Seating will not otherwise be provided. If you are sensitive to heat please make sure to bring some sort of shade. 

If you are bringing younger siblings please bring quiet items to keep them occupied and keep track of them. 

NO PETS ALLOWED! For the safety of our students please do not bring your pet. 

We will have a concession stand. You are welcome to bring your own refreshments, however, our concession is to assist in earning back some of the costs of putting on the show. 

You may be asked to update your liability form before classes start. 

A show photographer will be taking photographs at no cost to you. Please let us know before the show starts if you do not wish for your student to have photographs taken. 

Students should wear pants with closed toed shoes (boots preferred) and bring their own helmet if they have one. 

Due to the nature of horse shows there is no set schedule or time for each class. We have no way of knowing how long each class will take and cannot give a firm time on when a certain class will begin. Some classes have 5-6 students in them, some only have one. Some take a little extra time to set up and some don’t need set up at all. We have some horses in two or three classes in a row and we have two classes that need a tack change. Due to this we cannot offer a ‘schedule’ other than the show bill so that you can follow along with the classes as they go. Some classes may only take five minutes while some may take 15 minutes. The show bill is provided below. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click ‘Show Bill’. 


Parking will be at the new property, not at the current facili. If you are coming from the Richmond Mall area you will follow the S curve around until you see the second Sunrise sign. If you are coming from Wolfe Rd you will turn left into the driveway with the Sunrise sign. There will be parking assistance available. Those who cannot walk back to the Outdoor arena will be shuttled via our Kubota. 

Students who are in the first set of classes should arrive between 8am and 8:30am. They will go to the judging table to get their number and the parent will assist in getting their number pinned on the middle of their back, between their shoulders or shoulder blades for clear viewing purposes.  The numbers are how the judge and volunteers are going to keep track of the students as they will most likely not know who your student is by name. Students who are early may assist in grooming horses in the indoor, if they are able, to prepare for the show. 

The show should start around 9am. The announcer will call the first class over the intercom, your student’s number and which horse they are assigned to.  Your student may be with one to three horses during the show depending on their capabilities and the availability of horses. They MAY NOT GET THEIR FAVORITE HORSE but we did try our best for them to be with at least one horse that they prefer.

The student will need to go over to the mounting block to retrieve (for lead-line classes) or mount their horse for their class. They will be guided in to the warm up area and then into the show area when the judge is ready for them. When their class is over they are to return to mounting block to dismount or return their horse and then return to the viewing area. Only approved students are allowed in the horse waiting area and only students participating in the next class are allowed in the warm up area unless exiting the class. Students will dismount at the mounting block. 

No photo description available.

The announcer will announce the next class while the class before it is in progress. It is the student and parents responsibility to pay attention to when they need to be at the mounting block. They MUST have a helmet on for all riding classes before they mount. Helmets will hanging up at or near the mounting block if they do not have their own. Once at the mounting block a trained staff member or volunteer will assist them in getting their stirrup leathers on and getting on the horse. They will then go into the warm up area to be ready for when their class is called. These classes should move relatively quickly if students are ready when they are called. We will give one class call and one warning call. If your student is not there at the warning call we will return their assigned horse back to the waiting area and move on to the next call. 

In group classes the students will be lined up in the showing area for ribbon presenting. In independent classes (such as Pattern or contesting classes) the placement will be announced by the announcer. In this case, the ribbons can be picked up at the judging table after the placings have been called. 

The first fifteen classes will be 5th runner up, 4th runner up, 3rd runner up, 2nd runner up, 1st runner up and then a trophy. The last fifteen classes will be ribbons only, sixth through first. Some classes may be split due to size. Some classes may be skipped due to lack of entries. 

Judging is done by an unbiased party and is not to be questioned. The criteria for judging is done on a case by case basis on what your instructor knows your student can accomplish. Any dangerous activities on or around the horse can result in your student being dismissed from the class so please discuss appropriate behavior beforehand. Our horses, staff and volunteers are going to be working a long hard day and we want this to be a fun and SAFE event. 

If for any reason you need to scratch a class or classes please let the judging table know so that your child’s entry forms can be pulled from the line up to eliminate confusion.

When you or your child’s classes are over you are welcome to leave.