Sunrise Participant Handbooks

Participant handbooks contain information needed to become a participant at Sunrise, Inc! Please read through this packet, and fill out the attached forms in the back pages. A signed physician form, release of liability, and history on each participant MUST be on file with Sunrise before riders may be scheduled.

Sunrise Summer Camps

Sunrise Summer Camp is sure to create memories for a lifetime! Camp operates from 9am, to 1pm Monday through Friday. What makes Sunrise Summer Camp special? Not only are programs geared towards accommodating individuals with disabilities, but siblings may come participate, too! Sunrise received a grant to our Scholarship program to help families with camp costs. Spots are limited. To learn more, and print an application, click the link below.

Sunrise Scholarship

Riders that meet financial guidelines may be eligible for our Scholarship program. Riders that meet requirements will received reduced participant rates.

Yearly Medical Update & Physician Signature Form

Participants at Sunrise must submit a renewed medical update form by June 1st each year. Forms MUST be signed by the participant’s physician, and include any updated health information. Participants without forms will be placed on hold until proper documentation has been received.

Sunrise Group Packets

Bringing an organization, Scouting Troop, classroom fieldtrip, or other group to Sunrise? Group forms must be filled out for each participant in advance of coming to the barn. One form per participant, signed by the individual’s parent, guardian, or caregiver.

Sunrise Volunteer Handbook

We LOVE our volunteers! Without them, Sunrise would fail to exist. Are you interested in joining us, and helping out around the barn, in lessons, with marketing, grooming horses, fundraising, to mention a few? Download our Volunteer Handbook, fill out the forms in the back, and bring it to the barn! We’d love to have you.