Mini Horse Pony Petting & Games $175
2 Mini horses, an activity and use of the facility

Mini Horse Deluxe Pony Petting & Games $225 
3 Mini horses, two activities/games and use of the facility\

Mini Unicorns Petting & Games $275 
2 Mini Unicorns, two activities  and use of the facility \

Mini Unicorns 2 Petting & Games $325
3 Mini Unicorns, two activities and use of the facility 

Mini Horse Paint Party $275 
2 Mini horses to paint and decorate, one activity and use of the facility. 


Pony Rides $200
One riding horse/pony, 5-8 laps per rider, use of the facility 

Pony Rides & Petting Pony $250
One riding horse/pony, 5-8 laps per rider, one petting pony and use of the facility 

Pony Rides Deluxe $300
Two riding horses/ponies, 5-8 laps per rider and use of the facility 

Unicorn Pony Rides $275
One riding Unicorn, 5-8 laps per rider and use of the facility 

Ride & Paint Pony Party $375
One riding pony, 4-5 laps per rider, one painting pony and use of the facility 

Ultimate Pony Ride Party $450
Two riding horses/ponies, two petting ponies, two activities, decorations, party favors and set up provided, just bring the food and the kids! 

Ultimate Unicorn Experience $550
Two riding Unicorns, two petting Unicorns, costume trunk, two activities, decorations, party favors and set up provided, just bring the food and the kids! 

-Base Price is PER HOUR. 
-Participant maximum of 20, participants is defined as anyone attending the party. 
-Number of participants is impacted by classroom size. 



Add decorations to any party that doesn’t include them for $50 
Add an additional petting pony that doesn’t include them for $50 
Add an additional half hour for $100 
Add an additional hour for $150 

**Food and eating utensils NOT provided. 


Ready to schedule? 

The provided button will take you to a google form that will allow you to inquire about setting up a pony party by providing us with your information. 


Preparation & Safety Guidelines


We take safety seriously! In order to make your event as safe and memorable as possible, please follow the large animal safety guidelines below. These rules are for the safety of you, your children, guests and the well being of our animals.



1.  You the Client, Parents, and Guests are responsible for watching the children attending your event at all times and seeing that all Pony Parties Rules are followed. The hosting party is responsible for informing Parents and Guests of said rules.


2.  Persons coming within 6 feet of the ponies must be wearing proper footwear (no sandals, bare feet, or open toed shoes).  Riders, side walkers and guests approaching the ponies must be wearing proper footwear (boots, shoes, sneakers, closed toe footwear) for safety reasons, as large animals can cause serious injury if they accidentally step on you.


3.  While riders are in the saddle, all other children must remain out of the pony ride area. No children may walk beside, behind, or in front of the ponies while they are working. Parents are responsible for keeping children away, and out of, the pony ride area. Horses and ponies are large prey animals and can react quickly and unexpectedly to sudden movements or sounds. Failure to follow this rule may result in forfeiture of any unused ride time.


3.  Hitting, screaming at, throwing objects, kicking, slapping, or any other action to cause unnecessary stress to our animals is absolutely NOT tolerated. While riding;

        * No kicking while riding

        * No jumping in the saddle

        * No running or yelling near, or while riding, the ponies

        * No noisemakers, running with balloons, fireworks, or loud music


4.  We have ponies and horses of varying sizes to accommodate many riders. However, due to the age of our horses, we do limit riders to 225# or less. Our horses can accommodate an adult rider with child up to 225#. For the safety of our animals, we reserve the right to refuse riders who may exceed this restriction.


5.  We do not allow pets on the premises. Any injuries to guests or our ponies resulting from failure to comply with this rule is the fault of the client. Your dogs may not like our horses!


6.  No fireworks or noise makers of any kind while the ponies are on site and working.


7.  Rest breaks of 15 minutes each hour are required for the animals for events lasting greater than 1 hour. These breaks are to allow our ponies rest, and time to drink.


8.  Children aged 3-5 must have a side walker. This is to ensure safety of the child due to insecure seat, and to comfort the child should they become afraid while riding a large animal. Parents may ride double with their child on select ponies (while adhering to animal weight limits). This may require waiting until other children have ridden to allow equipment changes to accommodate adult riders.

9. No smoking or vaping on the premises. Some of our staff and volunteers have a variety of breathing ailments that are triggered by smoking or vaping. Guests who are found to be smoking on the property may be asked to leave. 

10. Guests are not permitted in the pasture area or any area not leased by Sunrise, Inc. This includes the private property owned by the Edelman family that maintain a residence there. Parents are asked to keep their children away from the house, garden areas and pasture located on the property for their safety. 

11. No balloons, flappy objects, loud items or items that may otherwise spook the horses are permitted in the horse areas.


12.  All of our animals are on special diets, and so to protect them and little fingers, we do not allow hand feeding our ponies treats. Improperly offering treats to horses and ponies could result in an accidental pinch or bite, as horses cannot see directly in front of them. We apologize, but for the safety of all involved, we do not allow the feeding of treats. 

13. Riding helmets and liability forms are REQUIRED for all participants in the horse area. 

Reservations & Policies

To reserve a party, give us a call or use the form provided above! Once you contact us, and a day, time, and what pony party package you’d like is confirmed, we’ll email your contract to you. Paperwork must be completed, and returned to the office (complete with deposit) within 10 days of the deadline on your paperwork. Reservations are not considered guaranteed until the completed contract reaches our office, and the deposit has cleared. Reservations remain open until contract and deposit are made. 


• All paperwork must be returned, completed and along with deposit, via the postal service within 10 days. However, contracts may be sent to the client via email based on customer needs.


• A 50% deposit is required at the time your paperwork is submitted. Deposits are deducted from your total bill. Cancellations made after the 2 week (14 day) requirement face forfeiture of client deposit. 


• Cooler weather months (Fall / Spring) and holiday weekends tend to be really busy! Contact us early to ensure your date is open and can be reserved.


Payments & Fees

• When mailing your reservation contract packet, a check is required for deposit. Electronically delivered contracts must be printed by the client, and mailed or dropped off by appointment to Sunrise, Inc at 2670 Minneman Rd. Richmond, IN 47374 to keep on file.


• A 50% deposit is required with your contract, and the balance must be received in our office at least 14 days prior your reserved date. Failure to pay the balance by the deadline date on your contract could forfeit your reservation. Please drop contracts in the mail soon, and give plenty of time for delivery (at least 4 to 5 days in advance). This is to ensure we receive your contract and payment before the deadline date, and to secure your party on the day requested. Contact us for other payment in full options (COD).


Rescheduling & Cancellation Policies

•  All cancellations must be made by personal phone call, and via email with the email address provided to us in your reservation contract. We will either (a) issue a full refund if cancellation is before the cancellation deadline date in your contract, (b) issue no refund if made after the cancellation deadline date in your contract.


• Cancellations made as a result of extreme, uncontrollable situations will not result in forfeiture of your deposit. Extreme situations include; acts of nature (tornado, fire, flooding), extreme weather (lightning, damaging and dangerous hail), or the result of cancellation by the facility. All other unique situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Cancellations in these situations may result in a complete refund of your deposit, or rescheduling, whichever the client prefers.


• Cancellations made after the cancellation deadline will result in forfeiture of the contract deposit. Refunds or potential rescheduling, if any, will be at our discretion. Rescheduled parties must be on our calendar within 30 days. If you do not reschedule your party, we will retain your party deposit for lost wages.


Inclement Weather Policy

The facility may cancel only if inclement weather creates a serious risk to party guests, our animals, and staff. This includes; heavy damaging rains, damaging hail, extreme high winds, and lightning. We will cater your event through rain or shine if it’s safe to do so. If the facility cancels due to weather a full refund will be issued or the client may choose to reschedule if they desire. 


• Should inclement weather strike during your event, all rides will be stopped. Staff is responsible to make this decision at their discretion. No refunds or discounts are issued in this event. Should weather improve, staff will continue servicing your event. At staff discretion, based on schedule, time lost from inclement weather may be made up by extending our time at your event. 


• There are times when a client wishes to reschedule because of weather. If you wish to cancel due to rain or other weather conditions, please note that we understand wanting to change the date if weather is bad, however, please understand there is a lot of work behind the scenes to manage and prepare for your event,  therefore;

  (a) Requires notification about a scheduling change at least 24 hours before your event.

  (b) Bad weather (not inclement weather, i.e., dangerous and resulting in real and serious threats to personal health and safety) cancellations by our client will result in forfeiture of any payments and/or deposits made by the client. Deposits and payments made are non-refundable after the deadline stated on the event contract. Deposits and payments made to can be used towards another available date if rescheduled within 30 days.


 Months of Operation & Services Available

• Pony Rides are available April 1st through November, depending on weather.


• Website rates are for parties booked in advance. Parties made last minute for an available open calendar spot may see additional fees, based on the staffing needs. Last minute bookings may incur additional rates.


• Two weeks is preferred (at minimum) to schedule staff. However, at times we may be able to cater your event last minute. 


• Events scheduled on holiday weekends will incur a holiday rate. This includes days either prior to, or following a major holiday (i.e., holiday falls on a Saturday, the Friday before will incur a holiday rate). Days leading up to a holiday may also incur additional holiday charges (i.e., the day before Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve).


• We reserve the right to cancel at any time. In these rare, at times unavoidable circumstances (an animal falls ill, death, equipment failure, etc), staff will make every effort possible to rectify the situation and serve our customers.

STEP FIVE: Send your deposit & paperwork & enjoy your party!

Your deposit and party contract is due before we can add your party to our schedule! Your contract will be emailed to your provided email after contact has been made. 

We look forward to seeing you for your pony party!