Sunrise Inc. offers mentoring to those individuals aspiring to become a PATH International Registered Instructor. Currently Sunrise only offers training to these individuals. Sunrise will assist anyone in finding another center to mentor with if the individual is already a Registered Instructor wishing to gain a higher level of certification. Sunrise does not make any guarantees of employment upon completion of certification.

The Sunrise Inc. program is 12 weeks long and includes but is not limited to:

  • One-on-one meetings with mentor
  • 25 hours of teaching to be used towards PATH certification
  • Weekly Assigned Studies to complete which will help mentee better understand PATH, equines and disabilities
  • Assignments and activities based on mounting/dismounting techniques, volunteer management, lesson planning, cognitive flexibility, emergency dismounts, training/exercising horses, behavior management, riding ability check-ins, equine first aid, practice on PATH certification expectations, equine selection, etc.


  • Be interviewed and accepted into mentoring program
    • Includes riding for instructor and having a face-to-face interview (video/skype options are available upon request)
    • Applicant will complete a mentorship program application.
  • Will be a member of PATH Intl.
  • Have a general knowledge of PATH Intl.
  • Have riding experience
  • While teaching experience is preferred, whether that be horseback riding, classroom instruction, or management, it isn’t necessary to be accepted into the Sunrise mentorship program.
  • Must be able to dedicate A MINIMUM of 5 hours a week for 12 weeks studying, completing both written and oral testing, teaching, and volunteering at Sunrise
  • Be willing to learn and adaptable

Sunrise, Inc. charges a non-refundable $600 fee for the 12 week mentoring program. To apply, please email

What our mentees have to say:

“The tests were challenging, but helped me realize where my weaknesses were, and what I needed to work on to progress further as an instructor.”

– A. Gray

“Sunrise was flexible with my schedule to help me reach my goals of becoming a PATH certified instructor! Not many facilities would accept me into their program without being added to a wait list. Being new to PATH, and therapeutic riding, I wasn’t actively volunteering at a center and had a “foot in the door”, so to speak. Sunrise took a chance on me, and invited me into their program after completing prerequisite PATH materials. I was able to finish my teaching hours, and get help with riding and teaching techniques.”

– M. Walters