Sunrise Inc. offers mentoring to those individuals aspiring to become a PATH International Registered Instructor. Currently Sunrise only offers training to these individuals. Sunrise will assist anyone in finding another center to mentor with if the individual is already a Registered Instructor wishing to gain a higher level of certification. Sunrise does not make any guarantees of employment upon completion of certification.

The Sunrise Inc. program is 12 weeks long and includes but is not limited to:

  • One-on-one meetings with mentor
  • 25 hours of teaching to be used towards PATH certification
  • Weekly Assigned Studies to complete which will help mentee better understand PATH, equines and disabilities
  • Assignments and activities based on mounting/dismounting techniques, volunteer management, lesson planning, cognitive flexibility, emergency dismounts, training/exercising horses, behavior management, riding ability check-ins, equine first aid, practice on PATH certification expectations, equine selection, etc.


  • Be interviewed and accepted into mentoring program
    • Includes riding for instructor and having a face-to-face interview (video/skype options are available upon request)
  • Submit at least one reference
  • Have a general knowledge of PATH Intl. and be a member of PATH
  • Have riding experience
  • Preferably have some experience teaching in any area
  • Be able to dedicate AT LEAST 4 hours a week for 12 weeks
  • Be willing to learn and apply new knowledge to work

Sunrise, Inc. charges a $600 fee for the 12 week mentoring program. To apply, please email

A Mentee Says:

“Becca is a wonderful mentor! She has helped me learn how to plan engaging lessons for people of all ages and abilities, and how to collaborate with a team of volunteers to make lessons run smoothly. I’ve grown a lot as a mentee at Sunrise and feel like a better, more confident teacher and fully prepared for the certification exam after doing this program. I would definitely recommend Sunrise to anyone interested in becoming a PATH Intl. registered instructor!” -Robin H.