Two New Programs Coming to Sunrise!

Two New Programs Coming to Sunrise!

Sunrise, Inc. Therapeutic Riding Center is now offering equestrian programs for veterans and certification mentoring for individuals pursuing PATH Intl. registered instructor certification.

“Being around horses is a unique form of recreational therapy that has demonstrable physical, mental, and emotional benefits,” explains Veterans Program Coordinator Robin Hirtle. “Veterans with physical and mental wounds can come to Sunrise to relax and learn new skills in a calm, positive environment.”

Injured or disabled veterans are eligible to participate in Sunrise’s therapeutic riding and horsemanship programs free of charge. Veterans will have the option of enrolling in a ten week course beginning in spring 2016, or registering for private lessons. Further information about these options is available here.

As part of it’s expansion of services, Sunrise will also be offering mentoring opportunities for individuals pursuing Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) registered instructor certification. This twelve week program accepts applications from PATH Intl. members who have already begun the certification process, and covers safety standards, various illnesses and disabilities, and instructor training. Mentees will be able to complete their required teaching hours through this program.

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