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Have you heard the term hippotherapy and then the term therapeutic riding but, not sure if there is a difference?

There is actually a difference between hippotherapy and therapeutic riding.  Hippotherapy is really about the horses movement, the walk of the horse is rhythmic and repetitive, it is the movement that is a foundation to improve an individual’s sensory processing.  The Hippotherapy Association defines “Hippotherapy: Hippotherapy is a physical, occupational, or speech and language therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement.”

Therapists have found this type of therapy may be beneficial for  Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Developmental Delay, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Autism and Learning or Language Disabilities.

So, what’s therapeutic riding?  Well, that can involve more than just the movement of the horse.  Therapeutic riding includes activity, riding, learning about the horse, health benefits, physical activity and many other benefits of riding.  Visit PATH’s website for more information about the benefits of therapeutic riding.

Visit both Hippotherapy Association and PATH to learn more!

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