Are you ready to ride? 

This winter we will have a short three week session that starts December the 2nd and ends December the 17th. Current students were enrolled after the Fall session ended. New students can be added as our schedule allows. 

Lessons are on Thursdays with Melissa Walters and Fridays with Amanda Gray. 

Please visit the ‘Our Programs’ menu option for more information on what Sunrise has to offer! 

Lessons are weather permitted. 

PARADES 2021! 

Sunrise attended two parades in 2021. Did you see us? 

We were at: 
The Richmond Veteran’s Day Parade 
The Greenville Holiday Horse Parade 

In our effort to get back in the community and introduce the public to our two Miniature Horses, Rocky and Micah, Sunrise has asked our volunteers to walk the walk. We have had a lot of fun and hope to be in more parades next year. 

Staff, board members, volunteers and students came together to decorate, pay parade fees and get us from the barn to the parade route. Army, Micah and Rocky wore ribbons, bells and lights to the Holiday Horse Parade and Micah and Rocky hit the town in Flag hats for the Veteran’s Day Parade. It was a blast!

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